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When listening to classical music, I believe there could be a synergy making paintings with oil paints. The synergy reflects to the technics and the perfection of those two different arts: the artists reach it after many years of practising. The technics finds itself in the knowledge and way of playing their instrument; the partition is well written and after many rehearsels one obtains the perfection, according to the composer's writing.

The approach for jazz music is totally different: obviously there are chords and a feeling for harmony, but jazz music expresses itself mainly by improvisation and creativity. This special combination often reflects to professional musicians , who obtained a perfect knowledge on playing their instruments. Jazz expresses very often through a spontanous freedom: the music is created whilst the musician is performing on stage. That's why often a jazzmusician has great difficulties to stop during his performing solo.

When I am painting watercolours, I quite often get the same feeling as performing jazzmusic, as that special technic of painting is far less subjected to methods or rules as is the case make oil paintings. One can put much more freedom and creativity in a watercolour, as corrections are hardly possible. My mentor , the Dutch painter Cor Hak from Haarlem regularly told me: making watercolours is for free people, acquainted with lots of creativity, but there is according to him, a strong need to use bright colours and moreover, one needs to stop quite early; if not a watercolours could clearly lack free expression.

In any case I like making watercolours for jazz musicians or jazz scenes, listening at the same time and surrounded by that great music. At the end, jazzmusic can be best explained by Alfred Lion, founder of the famous Blue Label expression: it is good as it swings!


Have to admit to be influenced by those painters of bright watercolours as: the Dutch Kees Verwey, the English William Turner, the Belgian Rik Wouters and the American jazz saxophonist and painter Larry Rivers.

Am a collector of vinyls or LP's from the hard-bop period and am involved in the yearly Jazz Festival in Junas France.

Ton van Meesche



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